In meeting light, it becomes light

Here’s an interesting poem about practice

Let go of everything to this great Emptiness,
burning, burning, burning,
like a vast, black sun,
burning away the bent, twisted parts of ourselves.

In truth though,
nothing is burnt away,
nothing comes or goes
All of those bent, twisted lumps of agony,
in touching light,
become light.

Like a nail becoming a magnet,
in meeting light,
they become light.

4 thoughts on “In meeting light, it becomes light”

  1. wonderful – like a ‘mental movie’ …

    i sometimes feel that something decisive should happen, immediately, to free me from where i’m stucked. meanwhile i know that the nail that fixes me is what i stick to at the moment. and that i have to let it go. then what seems to be a nail becomes a tool. i just have to see that clearly…again and again.

  2. Hi everyone!
    It’s kind of an interesting idea, because then, all that suffering and unhappiness isn’t really a problem, our job is just to be one with it for a moment and introduce it to that which is already within us.

    Now if I can just do that consistantly…!

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