Just a sunny day

It’s a sunny day here in Korea, and about 32 Celcius. Here are some photos of the main Hanmaum Seon Center, in Anyang City.

Sunrise, a little before 5am
The Gujeong Pagoda, which Marcus mentioned
courtyard wall
persimmons - all the detail is carved from clay bricks

hiking path behind the center
welcome home!

15 thoughts on “Just a sunny day”

  1. find Temple on Google Earth, then press continously to zoom out. I think there is Dharma in this effect, I just can’t express it in words

  2. That sunrise must be over Gwanaksan??
    I really want to hike up to that temple on the cliff.
    I almost made it there with Joe and InSook, but the path changed somewhere along the way…

    The carved persimmon branch actually does remind me of the tree, even though it almost looks like bamboo too!

    Thanks for the shots!

    1. It’s actually Samsung San. No, not after the company^-^, here the sam-sung means the three stars in the Belt of Orion. So the mountain name is much older, but I think the company may have been named after the same stars.

      Gwanaksan is on the other side, far enough that we can’t see it from here. Although it isn’t clear on some maps (!) there’s a deep valley between the two.

      Thanks for the great photo of the persimmons! One of the things I love about Korea is the persimmon trees in the fall. All the leaves have fallen, and the trees sit there full of fruit, waiting for the day when they’re super ripe.

      1. the tree stars in the belt of Orion – the middle one is not a star, it is a nebula, seen even through a regular telescope and with Hubble -it is very pretty (I think)

    1. this picture reminds me of Armenia, and of how much I want to visit that beautiful land with mountain roads which go high above the clouds.

  3. Thank you so much, this warms my heart. What a beautiful sunrise. I feel something like a big smile.

    with palms together and warm greetings to you all

  4. oh, what a beautiful place you live at, Chong Go!

    i’ve never seen persimmons before and this tree without leaves in Joseph’s photo looks rahter unusual – like a modern sculpture.
    its pendant from the courtyard wall would be a fine book cover…

    1. Thanks everyone for such kind words!

      Evelyn, in Korea they like really ripe persimmons, and there is also a type of persimmon that can only be eaten when it’s very mushy. So people will leave the persimmons on the trees until late fall. Plus there’s always some at the top that you can’t reach.

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