Ride the Clouds with All Buddhas!

Pagoda at the site of the hut where Daehaeng Kun Sunim practiced for many years in the 1960s, in the Chiak Mountains

This is a Dharma song written by Daehaeng Kun Sunim. It doesn’t speak much about how to practice (that’s in other songs), but instead speaks more of the beauty of freeing ourselves from the habits we’ve been dwelling in. Rather than me talking about what’s there for everyone to see, just read it through a couple of times, slowly letting it sink within you.

The one mind of all Buddhas

The one mind of all Buddhas,
shining through the dark night
the moon.
This captain,
carrying an oceanful of moonlight,
ceaselessly travels through all realms,
brightly coaxing forward, forward,
all the quietly sleeping minds.

So many different one minds,
have freed themselves
from the habits and attachments of this fleshy container,
and ride the clouds with all Buddhas,
all together,
working, sharing, helping.

The one mind of all Buddhas,
breaking through the darkness
rising like the sun.
This captain,
carrying a worldful of sunlight,
ceaselessly traveling throughout all realms,
raising and nurturing every kind of being
under the heavens
and throughout the earth.

All grow in harmony with one mind,
freeing themselves from the habits
and attachments of this body,
one with all Buddhas,
free as the wind,
sharing, helping, dancing,
together as one.

제불의 한마음

제불의 한마음은
어두운 저녘을 비쳐주는 달님처럼
한바다에 가득 찬 달빛을 싣고
끝없이 도는 선장은
고요히 잠든 마음들 속을
밝게 이끄시니 이끄시니

천차만별의 한마음들은
육신통을 벗어나
제불과 함께 구름타고
놀았노라 놀았노라

제불의 한마음은
응달진 아침을 밝혀주는 해님처럼
한누리를 가득히 햇빛을 싣고
끝없이 도는 선장은
산하 대지에 만물만생을 길러 내시니
한마음 따라 길러지는데
육신 몸을 벗어나
제불과 함께 바람따라
놀았노라 놀았노라

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