Noon Blessing, Day 41 – May all the deceased who have a connection with us….

Neither the living nor the dead are separate from each other,
with this in mind,
we raise the intention that all spirits
who have a connection with those of us here today,
whether from this life or past lives,
whether they were our grandparents, parents, brothers or sisters,
nieces, nephews, or even our children,
whether present here today,
or in the next town or the one beyond that,
whether awakened or lost in darkness,
whether currently having a body or not,
whether they are able to live freely,
or are caught up in ignorance,
may they all gather together here, now,

at this place of learning and practicing,
like streams flowing to the ocean.

Where the last verse was short, this one is long, lol. But it’s just as wonderful! One of the things that’s so touching about this verse is it’s unconditional, all-embracing attitude. “May those who are doing well, as well as those who are screwing up all come together, and learn and grow.”

It’s easy to hate or look down on people who are behaving badly. Given that they are usually causing us pain or inconvenience, that’s not a surprising reaction. But to look at even them with warmth and compassion is impressive, and is a great teaching for all the rest of us.

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