Noon Blessing, Day 34 – may all the elements circulate harmoniously

All of us here at Hanmaum Seon Center and all of its branches
raise the great intention that water, fire, and air should
all flow and circulate harmoniously.

Years ago, the previous abbess pointed out the falling snow, and said, “You see that, and probably think there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Then you see your homework and think that’s something that’s no problem, right?” I agreed with her that it was so. “Don’t think like that. There is inherently no big or small things. All things are equal in front of our fundamental mind.”

There are actually some limitations here, of course. There’s individual’s karma and spiritual path, and what we see may be part of something bigger that best left alone, for what “I” think is best, is often just the reflection of my own limited understanding. And yet…. Whether something is “big” or “small” really is just the definitions made by my fixed ideas. In this flowing whole, there are inherently no such divisions.

1 thought on “Noon Blessing, Day 34 – may all the elements circulate harmoniously”

  1. this Monday,October 11, is Canadian Thanksgivings so I wanted to say Thank you for this blog, for explanations and translations! And special thank you to Kun Sunim for her profound wisdom and method, her guidance and help and keeping her promise to watch over. 🙏🙏🙏

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