Noon Blessing, Day 29 – Now we can melt down our old karma

Having evolved over eons beyond measure,
until at last reaching this point,
we take all of the karma that we’ve created
through the five kinds of desires*
and the ten evil actions,*
and every kind of ignorance,
and entrust all this karma
to the compassionate power of one mind,
where it will all melt down.

It may happen that ugly things still happen in your life, even though you live well and behave wisely. Rather than feeling upset by those, know that this is actually an opportunity to take care of things that you didn’t know how to handle in the past.

If we just react to what confronts us, we re-record that, and will face a slightly worse version sometime later. But, now that we know how to handle this, we can take care of it once and for all, or at least take a big chunk out of it. So although it may not seem like it, these things coming to you when you know how to handle them, isn’t such a bad deal.

  • The five kinds of desires: The desire for form, sounds, fragrances, taste, and touch.
  • The ten evil acts: Killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, manipulative speech, abusive speech,
    slander, covetousness, anger, and false views.

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