Noon Blessing, Day 25 – Just as precious as mine

(I wish I could remember who did this painting! It’s quite nice, isn’t it!)

May others’ lives always be
just as precious as our own.

This is quite a simple idea, nothing complicated here. It’s really how this entire whole is functioning, yet it’s also the opposite of how millions of years of evolution have forced us to live. We’ve had no choice but to view others as resources to be used or eaten. It is such a blessing now that, for many of us, we aren’t forced into such choices. From that perspective, this world and age truly approaches a heavenly realm.

I’ll be traveling through next month, so updating the blog will be a bit difficult at times, so I’m going to switch to three posts a week. This week, posts will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and from next week on they’ll be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (I think!)

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