Noon Blessing, Day 6 – we raise the great intention that….

“we raise the great intention that….”

This is such a key phrase, in my opinion. It’s saying, “let things move in this direction.” If we do this and then deeply entrust that, things really do begin to move. Perhaps not as far and as fast as we’d like, (those issues are not disconnected from the rest of the world), but they do move. This is such a different state from complaining about the way things are, or just repeating over and over to ourselves, “I wish (this) was like (that).” Just saying words over and over, even with lots of emotion, doesn’t connect with the whole. We have to actually let go of that intention, and entrust it.

Here at __________________
on this middle world called the Earth,
we raise the great intention that
within this country, everyone is at peace and safe,
that South and North Korea shall be peacefully reunified,
that all the world may be tranquil
that the Earth should be free of all great disasters.

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