Temple Morning Prayer Day 10 – May the great light of one mind always shine within this place of practice

There are a couple of things going on with this verse that don’t translate easily. Mainly, the word translated here as “place of practice”, do-lyang 도량, allows for some word place and nuance that gets clunky if you try to express everything in English. In Korean, do-lyang kind of means “place for spiritual learning,” or literally “the site of enlightenment,” so in it’s usual context, it’s understood to be temple but this is also the same word for “dojo” or a martial arts center.

But when Seon masters are talking about “do-lyang”, it’s better to start by assuming they aren’t talking about a physical place! Often they mean literally, “The place where you awaken.” The buildings and land are where your body is, but they’re talking about where your mind is.

May the infinite light of one mind always shine within this place.

한마음의 광명으로 도량안을 밝게 하소서.

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