The Seven Homages Day 20 – May all beings awaken to their great essence

This is the conclusion of the seven homages. These are chanted three times a day in temples, but usually in the Sino-korean version (ie Chinese characters), where the meaning isn’t as up-front as the English or Korean translations. To be honest, we at the center don’t actually know who did the Korean translation of this! I suspect it was the first office manager who worked closely with Daehaeng Kun Sunim, but he passed away many years ago. I think everyone at the time knew who had worked on these, but no one actually wrote anything down. But, even if Kun Sunim didn’t do all of the Korean translation herself, she certainly reviewed it and made any changes that were necessary.

Next week, we’ll start on the morning blessing.

In this way,
my greatest wish is that all beings,
every single one of them,
awakens to their great essence.

온 법계 모든 중생 스스로 다같이 성불하여
길 없는 길 두루 하사이다

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