The Seven Homages Day 11 – this great one mind

I *think* this section is referring to Arhats, from a historical point of view, but I’m not completely sure. At any rate, it still applies to us, and our potential. It still describes what happens when we make diligent effort. It still reminds us of the all embracing nature of our foundation, and this connected energy we share, and can share, with everyone.

In this great one mind that embraces every place,
where body and mind are empty,
1,200 beings kept themselves clear and upright,
practiced without ceasing,
and so attained the great awakening,
the ultimate awakening,
and with the power of one mind,
share limitless compassion with the myriad beings of the world,
saving them all.

시방에 육신과 마음이 공한 한마음,
스스로 청정하게 끝없이 이루니
천이백 분이 모두 큰 한 경지를 이루시어
한마음의 능력으로 끝간 데 없이 무량한 자비를 베푸시니
일체 중생을 거두심이라

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