The Seven Homages Day 6 – like attracts like

This is an interesting verse. The “only” might be a touch too far, but still, it seems to be the point that you have to want to find it, to know it, in order to do so. If you aren’t raising the intention that you want to know this for yourself, even if you do encounter it, you would just slide by, I think. Raising the intention puts things in motion, in my experience. It’s the difference between just sitting someone being thirsty, half wishing you had water, and actually getting up to get some. Or to at least ask someone nearby for some water. If you don’t ask, they’d never know you were thirsty. Give rise to a firm intention, and then let it deeply sink down within you.

This foundation of ours,
is found only by those who cherish its fragrance.

마음의 근본은 근본을 존경하는 마음속 깊이 계시기에

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