The Seven Homages Day 4

This wisdom of one mind,
with no barriers of learning nor material limitations,
taking care of everything far and wide,
is the Bodhisattva of Manifestation, just as it is.

한마음의 지혜는
글 문이나 벽이 없이 보살피는 대행을 두루한 보현 보살이니,

1 thought on “The Seven Homages Day 4”

  1. How can I get some of this wisdom? How to be ok with insanity all around, here is a tiny example of things that are perplexing to me. The rabbit made a nest under my window, (which is low near the ground), the fox came at night and took
    the babies. I heard the chilling scream of rabbit’s babies. I watched it happen and did nothing as fox is also hungry and needs to feed its babies probably. I looked in the morning at the empty nest, how it was carefully made with straw and grass and fur fluff that mother rabbit pluck from her own body. I feel terrible not helping baby rabbits, but then feel for hungry fox too, they are important animals to keep balance and they have difficult life in the city. So often like this i cannot do anything to help. I try entrusting to Juingong but I cannot overcome sadness and depression that comes from perpetually observing suffering. This rabbit story is the least of my problems, but it is an example how tiring it is. So how it is all taken are of? I wish I could help whatever beings I encounter, plants, insects, animals, humans, and myself too, but as of now I am not capable to give help, only suffer from watching them suffer. I do my best to entrust to Juingong but often I’m not sure what to do like in the case of rabbits. ( the scream of baby rabbit , which i heard a few times already is quite disturbingly sad. I don’t know how humans can be not feeling anything when they commit cruelties) . This is a very bizzare realm

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