The Seven Homages – Day 1

We followed the Thousand Hands Sutra and the Heart Sutra for quite a while, reciting a verse every day, because they seemed like good intentions to input. In reciting them, they become instructions and guides to our consciousness as well as all the lives that make up our bodies.

Yet more than ever, it seems like we all need a bright consciousness if we are to go forward in the world today. So after some reflection, I decided to start over with key parts of the morning ceremony. In particular, the sections called “The Seven Homages,” and “the Morning Blessing.” A couple parts get really long, so I’ll break them up into smaller chunks.

I’m not sure how long it will take to post these, but I’ll put them up one verse at a time, Monday-Friday. (I’m skipping weekends so people don’t get overwhelmed with emails!) Try to read each verse three or more times, just so that it really sinks in.
with palms together,
Chong Go

With my whole heart,
I vow to be the loving guide and teacher of all beings, throughout all realms.

The foundation within me is my teacher,
and is none other than Shakyamuni Buddha.

제 마음을 다 바쳐서 삼계의 길잡이로 사생 자부 하리이다.
지금 나의 근본은 바로 나의 스승이니 석가모니불이라.

4 thoughts on “The Seven Homages – Day 1”

  1. I cannot make such vows, it seems so grandiose because I cannot even deal with myself. If i try to say it, it just doesn’t come out, not sure why. Also I wanted to ask, perhaps a very stupid question, however i don’t think it is stupid because it is our reality and the way we come to this world, i didn’t find much about it in Dharma talks, – about love and desire that comes with it. What is it that drives it? I read only one line in No river to cross ( i think) – desire is the function of mind. Also loving somebody and not having love in return seems to be a very big portion of suffering for so many. These are extremely difficult to let go, especially loneliness that many people experience. I probably made a fool of myself by writing this, but my practice is stalled and i don’t even know how to let go of these and even what exactly to do, and i cannot give advice to others either. I was thinking of it as in the moment of death, this kind of letting go when there is no choice anyway but it is a kind of horrible way to live. I am a bit tired struggling, including making or keeping vows. It is very hard to ask everything inward, i can’t always get an answer, although when i get it, it is amazing indeed, but sometimes i get stuck and it feels extremely hard. Not sure if i expressed my thoughts and question clearly

  2. I’m not sure exactly where you’re coming from, but I would say that “unconditionally” is a huge part of practice. Unconditionally letting go of our expectations for other people, unconditionally letting go of our criticisms of ourselves, unconditionally.
    I, of course, can’t say what’s going on with any certainty, but it sounds like perhaps you’re getting overwhelmed with critical self-talk as so as you recite something like this. Like old recordings are arising and saying, “no, you can’t.” Maybe try sending love their way and giving them a mental hug? Imagine if they were a person you were working with who was always super critical of everything, but you realized it was because they were feeling miserable? Those aren’t “you”, they’re just old recording from when you didn’t know any better. You don’t have to believe them! 🙂 See if it helps to just give them a hug and maybe a tear.

    1. Thank you for answering. I guess it is hard to explain what I am trying to ask without going into details. I will try this “unconditionally” . Sometimes i wonder why people kept asking KunSunim similar questions over and over again but didn’t ask about other aspects of our life, feelings, etc, perhaps Korean culture is different, or people don’t wanna ask in front of other people; and sunims, what kind of questions they asked, it was never in any books. In person or in private message I would’ve asked the questions directly. It is very, very hard to practice alone and ask everything inward. I feel often like i am in a cave alone in a remote mountain even if I am in a city and among people.

    2. Thank you very much, this actually helped, sometimes i really need advice and a reminder, it took me a few days to understand, lol. “unconditionally” and “sending love and mental hug” and ” old recordings” – this is what I needed to hear and apply. Thank you very much. 🙏

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