The Power within Us – Dharma talk by Daehaeng Kun Sunim

(I like this image because Buddha was already there in the rock….)

Here’s a nice section of a Dharma talk from a collection of talks called “Touching the Earth.” I particularly like the aspect that the practitioner doesn’t try to change things by getting rid of something, or someone. Instead, they try to embrace them as one and help them evolve. To be fair, you still use your own good judgement. Sometimes running away from dangerous situations is wisdom too. That said, think about how many things we dislike or look down upon from a distance. Wouldn’t it be better if we tried to embrace those and encouraged them to evolve in a positive direction?

The Power within Us

There is a power that arises from deep and consistent practice, and if this becomes strong enough, we can even bring forth and use the energy from other stars and planets. “Far” and “near” don’t exist. Although some place may be many light years away, it’s all within the palm of Buddha’s hand. It’s all right here, because there is nothing that’s not also yourself. If we try to reach out to something without going through our fundamental mind, then even though it’s right in front of us, it may as well be a thousand miles away. However, if through our fundamental mind we become one with something, then even though it’s a thousand or a million miles away, it’s as if it were right next to us.

Therefore, at this critical moment, you have to know how to take care of others, as well as our planet. What’s the path forward that will allow us to help develop our nation and the world? How can we ensure that there will be enough energy and resources? You need to know that we have within us the power to answer all of these questions. The ability to provide sufficient energy and other resources is within us. As you practice relying upon your fundamental mind, how to take care of all these things will become clear to you.

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In the old days, you had to use your body to protect the nation and to do things like politics or commerce. Now, all of those things can be done without moving your body. You can become one with other people, and other people can become one with you, because mind has no form and nothing to grasp. In ancient times, this ability was called the power of manifestation. For example, in order to lead the country in a positive direction, I can also become one with the defense minister. If I become one with a politician, then it’s as if I’m lending them my wisdom and spiritual ability so that they can do good for the country.

Similarly, the time has passed when we can choose people for such positions based upon their appearance, their background, or how well they give speeches. Instead, we have to be able to know their minds. We have to know how, through our fundamental mind, to become one with people and function together with them.

A person involved in politics needs to be aware of the unseen aspect that underlies politics. Could this be called something like a god? No, not really. It’s not this and it’s not that. Yet, it’s there in the middle of everything. It’s this fundamental mind that can embrace and take care of anything in the entire universe. It can bring in and send out anything through the sense organs, and if you’ve awakened to this mind, you can become one with politicians and act through them. There’s nothing that’s not myself — there’s no pain that’s not my pain, no circumstances that aren’t my circumstances, no words that aren’t my words. So how could you not become one with someone? Because of this, we can change the direction of our society, we can ensure upright development, and we can ensure that our culture blossoms and is harmonious.

For example, there are insects and parasites that harm plants and animals, right? Through your fundamental mind, you can gather their consciousnesses all together and help them evolve. If you can do this, then you can use this method to embrace everything. There’s no one and nothing that you need to throw away. Otherwise, you’ll have to chase after so many things, trying to get rid of them one by one. There are just too many things to deal with them like that.

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