Heart Sutra Day 8 – These too, are always changing

Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body,
and intellect
are also always changing.

눈·귀·코·혀·몸·뜻도 따로 고정됨이 없으며

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s passing, or more properly, when she was finished with her physical body. When you can only perceive the material realm, someone dying looks like someone disappearing. Probably, much the same as a pet thinks their owner has disappeared forever once you go to work in the morning. Those that know better, understand that you’re just out of sight, not gone forever.

2 thoughts on “Heart Sutra Day 8 – These too, are always changing”

  1. I was watching YouTube live, it’s so helpful to have livestream, it’s like a window. I often read what KunSunim said about “I always will be with you”, 🙏❤ So grateful for the beautiful Dharma, for help, love and support.
    I hope they will always do livestreams like they do now, it is so nice to see Anyang temple and sunims.

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