Heart Sutra Day 3 – all material phenomena, without exception, follow one mind

matter and mind are the same as this,
mind and all phenomena are not separate:
all material phenomena,
without exception,
follow one mind.

물질과 마음이 다르지 않고
마음은 모든 물질적 현상과 다르지 않나니
모든 물질적 현상은
곧 한마음으로 좇아 있나니라.

If I understand this verse correctly, there’s something interesting going on. Daehaeng Kun Sunim is saying that our mind and material phenomena are inseparable. That we can’t say which came first or which was the source of the other (this might be more of a nuance), but, that the material will follow and react according to our one mind, according to the intentions we give rise to and (this is important!) then entrust to our foundation, our fundamental mind.

So, how do we deal with what confronts us? Whether things seen or unseen, whether material issues or personal issues, input a positive, non-dualistic intention to your foundation. (Ie, something that will leave everyone better off, imo.) Because we are all connected, this nondual energy, this fundamental nature that we are, will start moving in that direction (remember “ceaselessly manifesting and changing”?) But, you want to be careful that the thoughts you input aren’t just reflections of your own self-centered desires or fixed ideas of how things should be. That’s why, unless the situation is urgent, it’s better to just unconditionally entrust it with the thought, “Okay, you’re what’s really doing things. You take care of this for the best.”

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