Day 164 – Taking refuge in Buddha

Having given rise to these great vows,
I return to and rely upon the Three Treasures of one mind

I take refuge in Buddha,
who is one with all,
in every place and dimension.

발원이 귀명례삼보 發願已 歸命禮三寶

시방에 항상 한마음으로 계신 부처님께 귀의합니다.

Well, we now find ourselves at the last verses of The Thousand Hands Sutra! (Two more posts after today.) I had thought of doing the same style of posting for Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s translation of The Heart Sutra, but is there something else that people would like to see? More audio Dharma talks? (There was another option that I’d been thinking of, but have completely forgotten, lol.) Go ahead and post your thoughts in the comments if you have any ideas about this. — Chong Go

(The main text is from Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s translation of “The Thousand Hands Sutra”)

2 thoughts on “Day 164 – Taking refuge in Buddha”

  1. Thank you! I am looking forward to Heart Sutra! I found some of it in one of the Journal, so i have been waiting when you gonna post the full text. I, lol, always like to read new translations of KunSunim’s Dharma talks, especially things she said to sunims, there is only very few of those i found in Hanmaum Journals, and also about her life, or anything she said that is not printed. And of course your Dharma talks are also much appreciated. (Also I wish I could discuss the connection/similarity with some Tibetan teachings, probably not for everybody, but for me it brought better understanding, also good for unification of Buddhism, i think)
    But first, please, Heart Sutra! Interesting when i was listening to Heart Sutra in Tibetan, the feeling arose exactly what you were saying in the Journal). Also, can you please say some dharma teachings on all of the things and suffering happening in the world, it is difficult to observe all sorts of suffering, from tiny plant to human, how to not get stressed about inability to help, even if i keep entrusting, the beings wouldn’t feel immediate help, would they, i can barely can help myself… There is one line in Heart Sutra – “without obscuration of mind there is no fear”. Please post also KunSunim’s translation of Diamond sutra, ( i think it is mentioned in one of the journals) after Heart Sutra

  2. Dear Chong Go, more audio and video talks from Daehaeng Kun Sunim would be very much appreciated. Even though I don’t speak Korean, I find listening to her at the same time as reading the subtitles really helpful. Thank you for the work you do in bringing her teachings to others, with kind regards, Sue.

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