Day 161 – Delusions and defilements, existing within me

(continued – Raising the Four Great Vows)

All delusions and defilements existing within me,
I vow to dissolve.

마음속의 모든 번뇌 맹세코 녹이오리다.

The word for “delusions and defilements” doesn’t translate easily, in my opinion. In essence, it means the stuff that causes me to do stupid things. This includes things like attachments and desire, but it also includes misguided views and perceptions of the world. People don’t (usually) choose evil courses of action; they’re usually(!) making what seem to them to be logical choices best suited to the circumstances. But what’s sometimes missing is an awareness of their connection to others, and what this means for the results of their actions.

If they understood karma and our connections with other people, they would probably make different choices. Choices less inclined to cause them and other pain, and choices that would lead towards their growth as well as that of others.

The Korean here has two nuances; one is referring that the stuff that’s in me, but it could also be read as saying that all delusions and defilements exist within mind. For most of us, the first meaning is probably more relevant, but be aware that the second one exists as well. Because *all* of those exist within mind, mind can affect them, even when they “belong” to someone else.

(The main text is from Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s translation of “The Thousand Hands Sutra”)

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