Day 155 – Saving all beings

Part of the backdrop of the wall-sized image behind the main altar at our Jinju branch. This is made from three massive, wooden panels, and was previously in the old Dharma hall at the Anyang Hanmaum Seon Center.

(continued – The Ten Vows made by all Tathagatas )

I vow to save all beings.

모든 중생 제도하길 원입니다.

One of the cool things about this image, is that it’s not one person saving all beings. There’s all kinds of “sages” wandering around, each helping out one or two people here and there.

(This text is from Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s translation of “The Thousand Hands Sutra”)

1 thought on “Day 155 – Saving all beings”

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    I’ve loved this image since I first saw the photo of it on this blog maybe a year ago. I made it the wallpaper for my iGizmo and go back to studying it from time to time, fascinated both as a former sculpture major by the artistry and with appreciation of the skill and mastery it takes to produce something as complex as that and with the inspiration that led the artist’s hand without faltering, and as a student by the message, which I didn’t see as clearly as Chong Go puts it, but drew me then still draws me to it. Increasingly, the images used in this blog speak to me almost as much as the words.

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