Push through, knowing that your true nature takes care of everything

Here’s a short Dharma talk from Daehaeng Kun Sunim, which appeared in the last issue of Hanmaum Journal (#116). Try to look for what you’ve been struggling with. Try to look back on what you’ve been thinking about lately. It’s those daily worries and concerns that will be helped the most by entrusting them, yet which are so much a part of our lives that we barely even notice them. It’s as if they become background noise. Try to notice and let go of these!

In this ever flowing whole that is called the truth of emptiness,
there is no “pure” or “soiled,”
no “important” or “trivial,”
nor can your intellect and thoughts fathom the reality
of what’s going on or how to go forward.
In this whole, “This is possible” and “That is impossible”
are both wrong.

Instead, just go with “True self! You’re the one that can do this!
You’re the one that can take care of this!”
Just push through whatever confronts you
with this kind of resolute faith and determination.
For this will create the opportunities and energy
with which you can save yourself.

이 무(無)의 공법이란
더러운 것도 깨끗한 것도 없고
크고 작은 것도 없는 까닭에
생각으로 된다 안된다 할 것이 아닙니다.
온갖 것을 따져서 ‘이거는 될 수 있겠다’ 하는 것이나
‘이거는 될 수 없겠다’ 하는 것이나 둘 다 아닙니다.
오직 ‘너만이 할 수 있잖아.’ 하고
밀고 넘어가는 믿음과 그 패기,
그것이 바로 자기를 살리는 계기가 되는 것입니다.  

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