Day 145 – May my samadhi wisdom swiftly brighten

(continued: The mantra for relying upon one mind, Juingong,
which is itself the mind of all Buddhas

Sincerely entrusting everything to one mind,
determined to know the real and help all beings,
and raising these great wishes:

May my samadhi wisdom swiftly brighten.

May I attain every kind of virtue.

May the blessings arising from my virtue guide and sustain all beings.

May all beings together attain Buddhahood.

제가 일체 한마음에 지성으로 관하오며
보리심을 내어서 크고 넓은 원을 세우오니,

원컨대 저의 선정 지혜 속히 밝아지이다.

원컨대 저의 공덕 다 이루오리다.

원컨대 저의 복력 두루 장엄하여지이다

원컨대 모든 중생 함께 성불하여지이다.

(Text is from Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s translation of “The Thousand Hands Sutra”)

2 thoughts on “Day 145 – May my samadhi wisdom swiftly brighten”

  1. could you please explain how all beings can attain enlightement together. I still cannot quite understand how, unless these beings in my own body, but if it is ALL beings, then how they can get enlightented if there were Buddhas enlightened yet the numerous beings are still not and will not untill the end of time of some sort of the whole universe. As i am writing this, my neighbours upstairs make loud banging noises already for quite awhile,as they often do, and I cannot imaging how they would be suddenly nice and considerate and enlightened, let alone all beings including plants, if i were to get enlightened. Sorry for weird questions, but I cannot repeat this verse if I cannot understand it how it can be.

    1. It’s talking about great emptiness, or “the empty place”, or the great sea of nonduality (I made that one up myself!). When you’re in the middle of this nonduality, there is no divisions between myself and others, although from one sense beings have separate lives and paths to follow. But, that’s still only from the perspective that is only capable of seeing things in contrast to each other.

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