Day 136 – Emptiness and true repentance

(Repenting of the Ten Evil Actions- conclusion)

While letting go of all wrong behaviors and deluded thoughts
if my mind becomes completely empty,
this can be called true repentance.

죄와 망심 모두 놓아 마음 모두 공하여야,
이를 일러 이름하여 진실한 참회라 하네.

Repentance doesn’t erase what we did or its consequences, but in returning to our foundation, we start dissolving the chains of thoughts that led us to that action, and the chains of regrets and blame that cripple and distort us. And if, from this completely empty place, we raise an intention for the well-being and growth of those that were harmed, then perhaps, we can truly settle that debt.

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