Day 124 – Repentance

The Buddha of the Future, in the Wol-ak Mountains (circa CE 1200s)

Just so you know, there’s no particular connection between this photo and the verse!
Although repentance isn’t a magical brush that sweeps away our wrongdoings, there is still something very powerful about it. When we say it out loud, something changes.

Perhaps it’s just that by admitting it, we stop with all the half-conscious justifications that can absorb so much of our energy. Perhaps we are admitting where we are really at, and by admitting I’m “here,” there’s a foundation and starting point for moving forward. Anyway, whenever you feel guilty about something, try speaking out loud (if the circumstances are appropriate) and repenting of it.

Repenting of the Ten Evil Actions
I now deeply repent of having killed.

십악참회 十惡懺悔
살생한 큰 죄 오늘 참회합니다.

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