Day 122 – The power of our bright center

“Find the pillar of flame that penetrates the heavens and circle and circle it.”

Are you remembering to recite these? (just the bolded text, not what I write!, lol) There sure are a lot of ideas here, aren’t there?! I didn’t realize just how many individual concepts and instructions for spiritual practice there are in The Thousand Hands Sutra. That said, I’m glad we’re giving each one it’s own space!

This verse, and the text accompanying the photo above serve to remind us of a critical point: our center, our inner awareness is the starting point that can dissolve and transform what we’re facing. It may not vanish in an instant (or it may!), but when we start relying upon this inner moment, this ship that is our life and body begins to change direction.

(Homage to the Twelve Buddhas who Dissolve All Karma)

Homage to the Supreme Buddha
who takes bright and bright mind as his center,
and so is never entangled by anything.

밝고 밝은 마음 중심 걸림 없는 주 불

2 thoughts on “Day 122 – The power of our bright center”

  1. Could you please explain how it is translated, I mean how such a short phrase can become a long sentence in English. When I read Korean ( lol, if you can call it reading), I see an image and it’s somewhat diffèrent from English, slightly, in korean it feels more inward

    1. It’s essentially two adjective phrases stacked on top of each other (or pretty close to that).
      밝고 밝은 마음 중심 걸림 없는 주 불 is (밝고 밝은 마음 중심) 주 불 and 걸림 없는 주 불. So you could say that it is the supreme Buddha (주 불) who takes (or has) bright and bright mind as its center, *and* is never caught by anything. But contextually, with a view of spiritual practice, it’s more likely that it’s supposed to mean that *because* it takes bright mind as it’s center, it’s never caught by anything.
      There’s always a risk when ordinary people are describing the nature of Buddhas! But, I think that’s fairly correct. We checked all of this with Daehaeng Kun Sunim, so I’m comfortable that there’s no substantial problem with this. It’s certainly possible we failed to capture all the deep nuances of a concept, but at the same time, you can still be pointing in the right direction.

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