Day 120 – the Buddha of limitless and omnipresent mind

Gwangmyeong Seon Center, in North Chung Cheong Province

(Homage to the Twelve Buddhas who Dissolve All Karma)

Homage to the Buddha infused with the fragrance
of mind
, limitless and omnipresent.

무변하고 두루한 마음의 향 갖추신 불

“Fragrance of mind” is an interesting phrase we see in Korean from time to time. Obviously, it isn’t literal (or is it? 🙂 ), but most of the time it refers to a sense about someone, an energy if you will, that comes from application of spiritual practice.

There’s a vast difference in feeling between someone who’s telling you their intellectual understanding, and someone who’s relating something they know from their very foundation. And the more someone has worked at practicing entrusting everything to their foundation, the stronger it is. It may be just that you feel them working as one with you and everything around the both of you. And as with all of this, there is the great possibility of things that are also happening at levels that we can’t perceive until will awaken further.

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