Day 116 – a broad and harmonious mind

(Homage to the Twelve Buddhas who Dissolve All Karma)

Homage to the Buddha endowed with the virtue and merit
arising from a broad and harmonious mind.

두루두루 위대하온 마음의 공덕 불

One of the interesting things Kun Sunim occasionally emphasized was being humble and kind. She didn’t quite say, “If you can’t do anything else, be humble and kind,” but there was a sense of this. Of course, it’s hard to truly be humble and kind without knowing your foundation and feeling your connection with others, but, nonetheless, trying to be humble and kind will prevent so many problems in your life. It may not be perfect, but you’ll avoid so many potholes. And one of the things about being kind is that it’s fun! It makes you feel better, and you want more of that. As this becomes a part of you, other kind people are naturally drawn to you, and so life becomes more pleasant.

I suspect as well that it also creates opportunities for practice and to learn about practice. This isn’t the same as actually practicing relying upon your foundation, but still, how precious is that chance? How many lifetimes would someone have to wait just to hear about their foundation, and the practice of relying upon it?

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