Day 111 – The Poem of Repentance

Four Different “Mu”

Repentance is an important part of spiritual practice. In repenting of something, we stop tying ourselves up in efforts to push it away or deny our involvement with it. In repenting, we can start to lay it to rest, and start to deal with any harm done to others or ourselves. Generally, if I find myself putting much effort or time into justifying something, then in the end, I did something wrong.

The Poem of Repentance

All harmful deeds I have committed
All unwise actions arising from greed and desire
All harm done through my body, speech, and thought,
I now repent of this and all other harm I have caused.

참회게 懺悔偈

제가 지은 모든 악업죄,
선행 없는 모든 탐심죄,
몸으로 입으로 뜻으로 지은 죄,
일체 모든 잘못을 참회합니다.

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