Day 105 – At peace in whatever time or place I find myself

If my mind is thus empty and pure,
I will be at ease in whatever place or time I find myself.

마음 비워 청정하면 세세생생 평안하리.

This verse is kind of interesting, because it emphasizes again that it’s our mind that makes our heaven or hell. If we feel at peace, then the rest of our circumstances aren’t such a big deal. The trick is getting there in all circumstances, not just when things are going our way!

A huge part of this is letting go of the habit of judging, both others, but also ourselves. When, after a fair amount of meditation, I became aware of all the things I was silently telling myself, I was shocked. I would never have talked to anyone else like that, yet here I was saying all kinds of things about my perceived failings. And they were such habits that I didn’t even realize I was doing it. They were almost like whispers or background city traffic noises that after awhile you no longer hear.

This circumstance is why (I suspect) that one time Daehaeng Kun Sunim said to me, “Just rest.” Just take all the to-do lists of personal improvement, all the things that don’t seem good enough, and warmly entrust them to your true nature, your fundamental essence. It’s guided you over billions of years, and will keep leading you forward. So just trust in with all of that stuff and get comfortable in your own skin.

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