Day 100 – A Hundred Days of The Thousand Hands Sutra

May everything that arises in my life
surrender to and follow my inherent nature.

자성신의 뜻으로 모든 생활에서 항복받게 하옵소서.

Are you remembering to recite these verses? I mentioned it early in the week, but one of best ways for each of us to grow and move forward is to discover and brighten the light inherent within each of us. Even if we don’t yet see it, even if most days it feels hard to believe such a thing exists, it will become clear to us as we move our thinking and behavior in tune with it.

To give a simple example, you don’t have to know or believe in traffic laws. You can start and drive a car without any knowledge whatsoever of the traffic laws. But, even if you don’t know them for yourself, if you pay attention to what other (better!) drivers are doing, and imitate them, your time on the road will go a lot smoother! “I don’t know why all the cars are slowing down, but I better too.” “There’s that extra lane on the right side of the road…. It’s empty, but no ever one uses it, so I’d better stay out of it as well.”

Driving like that isn’t perfect, and it won’t help you avoid every problem, but it will keep you out of a lot of trouble. Our “foundation,” our “true nature” is the same way. Even though we don’t see things for ourselves, even though we don’t necessarily know why it’s the best, if we keep unconditionally entrusting everything to our foundation, things will go better. And if we keep doing this, working on the stubborn parts we get hung up on, one day either in this life or the next, we’ll clearly see for ourselves.

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