Day 98 – The spiritual ability to take care of the nation

May I develop great spiritual ability and take care of the nation.

큰 능력으로 나라를 돌보게 하옵소서.

This could also be read as “the land,” if that’s more comfortable. This is another interesting verse that seems to counter the image of the lone practitioner, turning his or her back on the world. Instead, you can and should help take care of the area you’re living in.

If we look at all of recent chaos in the US and other parts of the world, a lot of it would disappear if people’s inner light was brighter. If they were aware of this light that shines equally within us as well as others, they’d loose interest in causing harm to others, and would be much less likely to be deceived by others.

Our job as practitioners is to discover and brighten our own inner light, and to help others do the same.

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