Day 96 – May I let go of my greed and desire.

May I let go of my greed and desire.

나의 욕심을 떠나게 하옵소서.

This is quite a simple statement, but incredibly powerful. The first step towards any outcome, is wanting it. Just by itself, this so powerful. But, only we know the habits and places that keep coming up in our life. The clearer you can define your goal, the more useful it will be. “I want more money” is a goal, but if you narrow down the definition, “I want to earn $100 a week more” that give you a more specific target and starting place.

It’s the same with this. You can take this one step further, and play with refining it to fit your life, for example, “When I find myself about to do ____, may I remember to let go of _____.”

If you look closely at the times you’ve gotten yourself into trouble, usually you’ll find a moment that you could have changed things right before you went down that path. Whatever that is, raise the intention to make a better choice at that point. The text of The Thousand Hands Sutra isn’t specific to every situation. Part of what we have to do is ponder it and think about how it applies to our life, and how we can apply it.

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