Vietnamese Edition of “No River to Cross” – Không có sông nào để vượt qua (Gumroad – an online storage site that sells ebooks and audiobooks for us) (links to some of the major online bookstores, including the Apple store and Kobo.)

So, some fun news for 2021 — we’ve published the Vietnamese ebook edition of “No River to Cross”!

A wonderful translator did this Vietnamese edition of “No River to Cross,” and we’ve been eager to get this out. The paper edition is out in Korea, but due to a number of factors (see below) it’s not easy to get it to other countries. Also, some of the major online bookstores don’t currently support Vietnamese, but there are some major sites that do (Kobo, Apple, etc), and we’ve put the ebook on sale on a website we use called Gumroad. (They also sell other ebook versions of Kun Sunim’s books, as well as the audiobook edition of “My Heart is a Golden Buddha.”)

We have a nice paper edition (with this same cover) for sale in Korea, but it’s hard to get this to people outside of Korea. Covid has ended regular parcel mail and airmail leaving Korea, so books have to be sent by express, registered mail (EMS, FEDEX, DHL) with is quite expensive, or by sea, which is only an option for a few countries and can take 1-3 months.

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