Day 80 – With a quietly flowing mind

Well! This turned out to be quite an auspicious post for the first day of the new year!

I particularly like the photo, because it reminds us that a quietly flowing mind is not the same thing as a quiet body. We work at returning everything to our foundation, and (once we realize it) try to let go of the things we’re caught up in, but we do this while taking care of the things in our life.

With a quietly flowing mind,
I will become one with my foundation.

고요한 마음으로 이루오리다.

2 thoughts on “Day 80 – With a quietly flowing mind”

  1. #80 also is auspicious! Great meaning in these words, so very profound! I was always saying that KunSunim taught the essence of Vajrayana. I didn’t get these photos but since you explained it so beautifully, it makes perfect sense! Thank you, ChongGo sunim! Happy New Year!

  2. Wishing you well, Chong Go Sunim:

    Perhaps this is what I did this morning, when I awoke early, but needed to sleep. Like in meditation, my mind was busy–beginning to worry about this and that–and I guess this is a noisy mind. I easily could have sprung up and started breakfast, amid busy and worrisome thoughts that were really about things out of my control in the present moment. However, I decided to take over my mind, as it were–which was not calm, like my body–which was itching to follow my busy mind into action; I said to myself, ‘No; I need sleep. I am not worrying about these things now, and that is it.’ I calmed my breathing, saying “this moment shall pass” and I fell asleep–waking about three hours later.

    Thank you and Sungbulhaseyo,

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