Day 71 – Leading beings forward

“How do you truly help people?” and “How do you have compassion on people behaving badly?” are two, not-minor questions. The answer is, you help them by becoming one with them through one mind. Then, to the extent that they are capable of it, the lives that make them up experience this ultimate wholeness, for lack of a better expression, and through it, gain a more harmonious view of the world. This may not translate to actions due to habits (of body and thought), but it’s still a push (a pull?) in the right direction.

Beating, pushing, and yelling rarely work at motivating people. Instead, become one with them through this foundation, and their stubborness will soften or completely melt away (as will yours!!) Like a giant ship changing direction, you may not see any noticeable movement, but it’s there. Have faith in this, and go forward trusting in your foundation.

I take refuge in one mind,
always protecting us,
it enriches us
and gives us the taste of the Dharma.

끊임없이 전 국민을 보호하며 맛과 이익 주시옵는 한마음에 귀의하리다.

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