Day 61 – Saving yourself from lower states of consciousness

This is an interesting verse! Instead of saying “such and such will save me,” it’s a request that we be able to learn what we need to know to help ourself. In this case, it’s the truth of nonduality. If I want to be free from anger, desire, greed, jealousy, then I need to learn the truth of nonduality. That’s it. Just learn the truth of nonduality.

When we see other’s success as our own, when we feel their pain as our own, when we see the negative things they’re doing, and feel the suffering that’s going to cause for themselves and others, all of our hate, resentment, jealousy, and so on, just vanish. They just disappear as if they were a vague rumor from a hundred years ago. But we still have to do that one thing -Learn the truth of nonduality. And we can do that by practicing returning everything to our foundation.

Should the mind of an animal arise within me,
let me learn the truth of nonduality
through the deep wisdom of one mind.

만약에 축생의 마음 일으킨다면 스스로 큰 지혜로 둘 아닌 도리를 알게 하소서.

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