Day 60 – The path of growth. The path of spiritual development.

The word used here for “angry spirit” is actually “asura,” which is awkward to translate, particularly in a chanted text. In some texts, they are good beings, but in general, they’re considered very powerful beings who have a strong tendency towards anger, fighting, and jealousy. Some texts consider their realm to be higher than human beings, some list it as being lower. It doesn’t really matter, because we have the potential for every kind of state of being within use, depending upon how wisely (or not!) we use our minds.

But in reciting the truths of this sutra, we are educating the consciousnesses that make up our bodies, and showing (or reminding) them of wiser ways of being. As well as showing them the path to growing and developing.

When I rely upon my one mind for everything,
should the mind of an angry spirit arise within me,
it will willingly surrender to my one mind.

만약에 아수라의 마음 일으킨다면 스스로 내 마음에 조복되리.

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