Take advantage of the chances you have

Daehaeng Sunim always seemed to have a much broader vision than anyone I’ve ever met. It certainly seemed that she wasn’t looking at things in the same time span as other people, where for her, naturally viewing things in terms of lifetimes was, well, as natural as us thinking of the week ahead.

So to see people goofing off as if they had all the time in the world must have caused some head shaking from time to time. Like a high school student who thought they were always going to be in high school, with mom and dad always taking care of them. But to her the limited nature of this world was (apparently!) very clear.

Sometimes she would talk about this world, saying that it’s role, it’s purpose, was to help sort people into higher or lower realms. Dwelling here wasn’t the point. Rather, our time here was a powerful and flexible opportunity to grow. Stepping forward to where you haven’t been, or only by accident, is hard to do, but it’s what we have to keep doing. And as we do so, moving forward from where we are now will become easier and seem more natural. It really will!

Being born as a human being is such an incredible opportunity.
Would you just leave without taking advantage of this chance?

— Daehaeng Kun Sunim

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