Day 35 – Becoming free to use the inherent ability within us

Are you remembering to recite these out loud? 🙂
How do we change? This is quite a serious question, because growing and evolving is really our purpose. Yet, how do we move in a direction we haven’t seen? How do we head towards things we haven’t experienced? If we stick to what we know, what we’ve already experienced, how could that take us anywhere other than where we are right now? That’s what got us here, not necessary what will take us forward.

We could just go by trial and error, eventually figuring out which things cause us pain and trying to not go that way, but that path takes a long time. And it kind of hurts!

That’s where Daehaeng Sunim’s The Thousand Hands Sutra is so precious, in my opinion. It’s a view of life and the world from the perspective of the deeply enlightened. It shows us how they view the world, how they respond to things, and in so doing, shows us how to live at that level. How we can bring our behavior and thinking into tune with that level of awareness. It’s like a free guide to higher levels of evolution. And more than just avoiding painful and pointless dead ends, we can discover deep connections and a sense of real worth.

Believing in my one mind
and following its profound truth,
I will become free from all attachments
and able to use the infinite ability within me.

내 한마음 믿으오며 한마음의 진실한 뜻 따른다면, 자유 자재하리이다.

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