Day 26 – This interconnected world

As the political system gathers speed in the US, we see people placing there hope in the idea that the right leader will help people behave correctly. While there’s some truth buried in that, the real thing that will change our world is each of us working at brightening our minds.

When we bring ourselves back into harmony with the way things truly are, then, it’s as if we give off a light, or an incense fragrance, that helps others move in tune with this as well. Without us doing anything else, it helps the people around us feel their connection to others a bit more, and helps them approach the world a bit more harmoniously.

If you want to see the world improve, work on returning everything back to your foundation. The light that gives off will help guide all beings, both living and dead.

Reciting these verses from the Thousand Hands Sutra out loud helps because in so doing, we are teaching ourselves these principles, both our conscious mind as well as all the lives that make up our bodies.

The source of the entire universe is our one mind;
it guides every single thing
in this interconnected world.

온 우주의 근본도 내 한마음이 근본이니,
둘이 아닌 세상을 똑바로 지도하도다.

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