Day 21 – Utterly complete

I hope everyone has been having a nice Autumn! Here in Korea, we’ve had unusually clear and blue skies as the weather has begun to cool. I try to not be too picky, but I could get used to this!
Traditionally, there are two ways to study/memorize a text. One is to recite it over and again, and the other is to mindfully write it out. Either works fines, although reciting is probably easier with these short pieces of text, just because we don’t have to find paper and pen! But the point is that as we do so, we input them deep within us, where they can come back out when we are in need of their message. Just think about today’s, “my one mind is utterly complete”. How often in our day are we looking at things from the base of “I’m incomplete” or “there’s something wrong with me”?
Where there’s always things we can strive to work on, it’s not a bad idea to remember that though I still have room to grow, we are inherently connected to completeness, as it were. Our foundation is completeness, so as our starting point, that’s where we should return all those thoughts that have an underlying air of “I’m incomplete.” Let that completeness address them and then, if something’s necessary, we can start from there.

Endowed with everything,
encompassing everything,
my one mind is utterly complete.

그 만족함 광대무변하도다

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