Day 2 – All Buddhas throughout all realms

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Okay…. I seem to be having some trouble reposting the old blogs. WordPress wants to treat them like updated drafts, and apparently doesn’t notify people of the new(*) post. So I’m trying this again! Please let me know if you actually did get an email today with the previous version of this post (Edit: It was supposed to be sent at 7am Korea time. Right now it’s looking like no one got them.) Thanks!

All Buddhas throughout all realms exist at this very moment within my one mind, sincerely relying upon my one mind is itself a true mantra.

5 thoughts on “Day 2 – All Buddhas throughout all realms”

  1. I received an email about Day 2 post at 2:18pm. But I’m not sure exactly what the previous version means, sunim.

  2. I didn’t receive that 7 am email, just this one. ( is it a sign to post about Heart Sutra?)(just kidding, i am sorry, but I really want to know Kun Sunim’s version of heart sutra) . I really like very much to receive emails for your posts. 🙂🙏

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