Day 85 – All the unenlightened beings within me

Pine tree on a sunny day

When Daehaeng Kun Sunim translated the Four Great Vows from the Sino-Korean characters, she did something unusual. She added a second set. These were almost copies of the first set, but this second set was directed inwardly.

It’s probably fair to say that both the inner and the outer descriptions were intended in the original text, but because the focus of most unenlightened people is on outer things, we tend to see the outer expression, without giving the inner possibility much thought. Here, with this second set of vows, Daehaeng Kun Sunim explicitly reminds us to include these as well.

Raising the Four Great Vows (set 2)

All unenlightened beings existing within me,
I vow to save.

2 thoughts on “Day 85 – All the unenlightened beings within me”

  1. Thank you Sunim.
    To me, the Sunim’s blog writings help me a lot in start the quiet daily life of every morning.

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