Day 67 – The Dharma Protectors within me

As the Thousand Hands Sutra winds down, there are several short sections like this one. Here too, this is the entire section. But it tells where we can find those who protect the Dharma and practitioners, and how we can get in touch with them.

Daehaeng Kun Sunim gave a poem that was later turned into a song, that literally means “Live greenly,” and compares people to trees. While we translate this as “Live vibrantly,” there is a nuance to the Korean that I really like: How does a tree live? It turns its leaves or needles green by drawing upon it’s root. It draws energy from it’s root, and sends back air and light (and water).

There’s a huge, massive hint there for how we can live.

How often do we find ourselves trying draw upon our knowledge, upon all kinds of similar things? Upon affection from others, upon help from all kinds of places. But the first place we need to learn to go to is our own root. We need to practice drawing up it’s energy, and returning back to it everything that comes in.

The Dharma protectors of mind take care of my body

Entrusting and letting go – the truly limitless path.

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