Day 46 – May everything in my life surrender to my inherent nature

While many traditional surviving pagodas are built of square sections, this 8th century pagoda near the Seokgulam statue (outside the southern city of Gyeongju) uses squares, circles, and 8-sided sections.

The use of the word “surrender” is interesting; it’s a bit more common in Korean, and is sometimes used in the sense of “behave,” “wise up,” or “get with the program.” So the unruly things, whether outside me or inside, recorded as the consciousness of the lives within me, upon meeting this inherent nature, settle down and get with the program. So in that sense, part of spiritual practice is taking whatever arises, and introducing it to our inherent nature.
I’m reluctant to write so much, either here or in the captions, because I don’t want to take anything away from this text. It’s only two lines, but there is *such* power there! There is such power in raising an intention like this.

May everything that arises in my life
surrender to and follow my inherent nature.

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