Day 43 – Raising Great Intention

The pagoda marking the geographic center of Unified Silla Kingdom, built during the 8th century

This next series are a set of intentions we can give rise to, which seem slightly random, but are things that naturally arise when we see every thing and being around us as another part of ourselves. There’s two ways to approach seeing like this: One is to just awaken and do it (that’s all, lol), the other is to begin moving our thoughts and perspectives in tune with this truth, even though we don’t yet see it for ourselves. With time, as we keep doing this, the underlying truth of this will suddenly become clear to us.

May I see the world as it truly is.

May I awaken to the great truth.

May I uphold the principles of the unseen realms, as well as the rules of society.

May I become one hand.*

* “One hand” means the hand of Buddha that reaches every time and place.

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