2 thoughts on “Day 36 – I and my true self, together as one.”

  1. These words contain so much profound meaning. I remember awhile ago I got upset when you used the word sexy about teachings, since then I was trying to drop my fixed ideas and clinging to just words, lol, and now I can say that this verse is very sexy! ” I and my true self, together as one” – the union with my beloved. Kun Sunim called true self ” beloved ” (in one book), it took me quite awhile to understand what that really means, and thanks to one Tibetan temple and teachings. I so much wish to combine or harmonize KunSunim’s and Tibetan teachings because that helped me to understand better. I wish more people would want to find their true self.

    1. Lol! This text is really impressive. I just finished the posts for this coming week, and wow! I’ve read these so many times before, but just focusing on one piece, without looking ahead, without getting ready to move onto the next section is so powerful. There’s just so much good stuff here.

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