The Path to Nirvana – Dharma talk by Daehaeng Kun Sunim

Here’s a short Dharma talk from volume 82 of Hanmaum Journal.

The Path to Nirvana

When others do something wrong, it’s easy to feel resentment and even hatred towards them.
Yet everything you experience happens because you are present in the world;
if you weren’t here, how could you have met those people?
So just set aside who did what,
and reflect upon the fact that you too contributed to that situation.
This is the way to discover yourself,
and the wonderful path to Nirvana.
Here on this path
there is no need for worrying about cutting off delusions or flaws.
For there is no place for reasons and judgments to stick to.
So why do we need to cling to those?
If you are caught up in “that is right,” “this is best,”
then your practice has already gone astray.

– Daehaeng Kun Sunim

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