New English Dharma talks series starts this Thursday!

Wow, Autumn’s already here!
This week we’ll be starting a new English Dharma talk series called “The Daejangbu Project”. In Korean, Daejangbu (dae-jang-bu) is an interesting concept, something along the lines of a “true human being.” But there’s also a sense that this person is no one’s victim. They’re not quite “large and in charge,” but at the same time, they’re not blown about by the winds of life. It’s someone who’s actively working life, who, if not exactly setting their own course, is flowing perfectly with life, without being stained by it.

Come join us for this one! I think it will be interesting! 🙂

The text and recording will be posted after each talk. (Although if there’s a demand for it, I might post the text ahead of time.)
The talks will be Thursdays from August 29th, through October 10th, in the 2nd floor Dharma hall at the Anyang Hanmaum Seon Center. (We’ll be skipping September 12th and October 3rd because they’re Korean holidays.)

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