New Book – Standing Again

We have a new book out! This is the combined English edition of “The Doctor is In” and “The Healing Power of Our Inner Light.” While the focus of these talks is awakening and realizing our true essence, they repeatedly touch on topics of health, illness, and using these as a way to deepen ourselves.

These were first published in Korean-English editions, and not widely available outside of Korea. Now they’re in one English edition, and available worldwide through Amazon in paper and ebook editions. (The ebook will be up on other retailers soon.)

Start where you are! Learn to rely upon your inherent Buddha-essence. Learn to apply its energy to the world around you.
Every single one of us has this incredible, formless Buddha-nature,
this one great pillar that encompasses everything.
Take this pillar as your center,
and strengthen your ability to let go.
Develop your ability to entrust it with everything.
In this way, take all suffering, all illness, and burn it all up!
– Seon Master Daehaeng

Buy at Amazon (Paper edition) (ebook edition)

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